Sunday, June 29, 2008


I haven't done one of these in a long time.....

A--Attached or Single? So very attached, so very happy about it.
B--Best Friend? Brandon
C-- Cake or Pie? Cake of the chocolate variety
D-- Day of Choice? Saturday
E-- Essential Item? iPod. It goes everywhere with me, I use it on a daily basis.
F--Favorite Color? Cerulean.
G-- Gummy Bears or Worms? I try really hard to avoid anything gummy.
H-- Hometown? Richfield.
I-- Indulgence(s)? Coke slurpees, the aformentioned chocolate cake.
J-- January or July? Mmm, probably July. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.
K-- Kids? I take care of them, I get paid for it, I love it, but they are not my own.
L-- Life is Incomplete Without? Family, friends, Gospel, good food.
M-- Marriage Date? March 23,2007
N-- Number of siblings? 2 Sleezas, one step bro, 5 SIL's, and 5 BIL's. Did I miss anyone?
O-- Oranges or Apples? Oranges, oranges, oranges. I hate bad apples.
P-- Phobias or fears? Things that crawl (not babies), and the dark.
Q-- Quotes? I'm suddenly at a Probably the quote on JaLee's blog by Gordon B. Hinckley. I should probably post it.
R-- Reason to Smile? My hubby. I just luff him.
S-- Season? The inbetween ones.
T-- Tag 5 People? Steve, Lindsey, Helly, JaLee, and Cristi.
U-- Unknown Fact? The name on my pediatric records is She-ra Pace.
V-- Very Favorite Store? Store? This would imply that I have been shopping semi-recently which I have not. Um, the place I frequent the most? The U's bookstore.
W-- Worst Habit? I have lots of bad habits...
X-- Xray or Ultrasound? I've had both...neither for very good, um..I don't know.
Y-- Your Favorite Food? Sushi.
Z-- Zodiac? Gemini.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Confessions #4

** There is a freakishly skinny man that goes to my gym who works out in a tank top and...boxer shorts, and thats it. Think "Richard Simmons" but underwear. And it always seems to be the same pair of boxers. How do I know they are boxers? Well, biker shorts don't have fly's. Totally gross. Whenever I see him there, I sort of follow him to avoid using ANY of the machines he may have sat on or brushed up against. It just freaks me out more than I can describe.

**I DO NOT like Jane Austen. I realize as a lit major I could basically be murdered for saying as much. But in the past six weeks, I have spent indecent amount of time reading all her novels, studying them, being lectured to about them, and writing about them. I feel like I just read the same book six times. I will totally give her credit in saying that she is a good writer, and an important one, I just have come to find her work "disagreeable," as she would put it. (Sarah, I know she hails from your neck of the woods, so very to sorry to express my passionate dislike, I still love your British views though!)

**I am scared of the dark.

**This semester, I feel like the dumbest girl in school...basically just concerning one class, but I am beginning to develop a complex. I used to be the girl who never shut up, but I don't even know how to contribute.

**I'm a mess in the kitchen. B was in Wyoming this weekend, as were my parents. I decided to welcome him home with some fresh baked brownies, only to make the batter and spill an entire glass of water into the batter...Apparently while B was talking to my mom while he was gone, she told him I'd never really been a "kitchen kind of girl" and was happier to run through the grass and flowers in my dresses. I gotta say, at 25, I think I still prefer the latter.

**I still have an obsession with Coke slurpees. They aren't even that good, but I can't help it.

**As much as I want to, I can't seem to stop watching "funny baby" videos on youtube. here are some favorites....

So, I haven't posted in like...a month. I haven't caught up on anyone's blog, including mine. All creative effort came to a screeching halt when summer semester started, but now that six of my 18 credits are now over, I have significantly more free time. Well, free might be a very loose term, but free-er. So..more posts to follow.