Friday, August 28, 2009

So here's the thing...

I had an ultrasound Tuesday.
Olivia is big.
Real big.
9 lbs 13 oz.
Or so they think.
Dr. B thinks its best to evict her.
So that's what we are doing.
We are evicting Livi.
On Wednesday.
Yes, I am.
Yes, I am!
Pray for my hips.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weeks 33-38

Our little bean has made a habit of growing too fast and then slowing down, resulting in extra ultrasounds to make sure all is well. So far, she is just big and tall. This mama really shouldn't be shocked, but still is a little bit.

The existence of sleep is making an early exit. Too much to think about? Too much to anticipate? Practice for upcoming months? Olivia getting hiccups every time I lie down or roll over?

Perhaps, all of the above.

My attitude has been a bit, well, poopy...for lack of a better word. I had got into the bad habit of cursing my belly, its big and awkward shape, its immense discomfort, often referring to it as my "dang belly." That is until B pointed out, "You call it "dang," but its her mode of life and her home." Well, shoot. When he puts it like that, how can I not appreciate it? Thank goodness for a husband who can put things into perspective for me, as my perspective has broken.

My body is slowly making progress. Her bed is assembled, her bag is packed, her car seat waiting....Hopefully by Tuesday after the ultrasound we will know a little more of when to anticipate her arrival. But for now, we are just waiting, waiting...waiting...waiting...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I haven't loved having my picture taken while being pregnant, and I wasn't too sure how I felt about having professional pictures done while so large and rotund, but since my mom was the professional and the little Sleeza was the darling assistant it was ok and totally worth it. I am so glad I did them.

There are so many more, but they involve my bare belly....and I'm not to sure I want to put my bare belly on the internet. So for now, you only get the one....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Death of a Fan

I am sad and dismayed that this day has finally arrived. After 6 years, this......

has finally died. My fan has died.

Sleep has never been my friend. Insomnia being a continuous and ongoing factor in my life I was delighted to have discovered the beauty that is white noise. I stumbled upon the fan in hopes of cooling my bedroom in the hot summer months and discovered that its purposes were multiple. It kept me cool and drown out the noisy silence that would often wake me in the night, sabotaging any semblance of a good nights sleep. I could no longer sleep without it.

After B and I got married, he quietly protested the use of my fan for a week or two until he himself was coaxed into slumber by that wonderful white noise. He is as hooked as I am.

Two months ago, the fan's motor starting making this awful, sickening grinding noise when I turned it on. I knew the end was close. But I managed to coax 60-some-odd nights of use out it by fiddling with the wires, turning it upside down, and basically beating the thing until it produced my desired noise. But last was no more. After 6 years, 11 moves, and every night usage the fan has finally died.

I have had to revert to the back-up fan, a much larger version of this same fan with a sound that resembles more that of a turbo jet engine than a fan. But I need my fan. I really do.

Why so sentimental that I would devote an entire blog post to it? I really have no idea. But I am really that sad about it.

(And for the record....I have cleaned the fan about a bazillion times, but it only takes about 3 days for it to look like this again. I'm not gross, I swear it.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Most people know I am a lover of books, a lover of things lovely, and a lover of things haunting. The Lovely Bones is all of these. I first read The Lovely Bones while living in New Jersey and the story of Susie Salmon has stayed with and haunted me ever since. The perspective, the story, and the language of the book made an impression on me, leaving the book a permanent staple in my collection. It is a gorgeously told story, one I will return to again and again. I am excited to see this complex novel come to life, to visually see the story told (through Peter Jackson's eyes, no less!) and see the characters come to life. I think it is going to be stunning.