Thursday, November 12, 2009


16 months,
483 days,
Hundreds of car trips,
8 months of heavy winter,
Dozens of broken promises,
Millions of prayers,
Hundreds of tears,
Thousands of smiles,
6 homes,
And 1 child.....

We are moving.
Tri-Cities, Washington will now be home.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This blog is lacking substance as of late.
That's gonna change.
Cause I've got stuff to say.
And news to share.
But not right now. Cause I'm tired.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Liv's Blessing

We blessed Olivia at my mom's house last week. Brandon's parents came down for the occasion and it was absolutely perfect. Brandon did such an amazing job and gave such a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful for a husband who hold the priesthood and for the amazing father and husband that he is.

Before the blessing, I sang "Daughter of a King." I tend to get smidge emotional when I am singing for things/occasions/people that are close to my heart. I was a mess when I sang at our wedding. I held it together pretty well until the very end when B and I locked eyes, he smiled, and looked down at our baby girl. I came unglued.

There are no words to express what it is to have a child. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to Heavenly Father for trusting us with this little spirit who has waited such a long, long time to get here. I am terrified to fail her, I know she is such an important little one. My love for her has ignited in me a flame to overcome, to thrive, to teach, to know, to testify, and to endure.

Yeah, We're Finished.....


Brandon and I have had some very definite opinions about vaccinations for Olivia. (So NOT going to get into it here.) To make a very long story short, we decided (and were advised) that because of Olivia's laryngomalacia she at least needed to have the whooping cough vaccine.

Ok. Fine. We guess.

Yeaaah. Not so much.

One shot= Mama in hysterics and the daddy having to leave the room as to not wallop the nurse.

Never. Again. No more. We were far too traumatized.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bed Head