Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: A {Non} Love Letter

Dear 2010,

How I wish I could say it breaks my heart to part ways with you, that you were a year filled with joy, happiness, contentment, and peace, that I will look back on you fondly, and I will never forget you.

But let's honest, shall we?

Let's not kid ourselves. I'm not going to miss you. At all. Not even a little bit. I'm sorry, but the truth is harsh. You were hard and brutal in a way that at times left me crying buckets and made me look like a hot mess 87% of the time. And nobody likes a hot mess.

You were mean and ugly and merciless, not exactly traits I look for in the days and weeks that make up my life. And neither do my friends (you were pretty wretched to most of them, too. Seriously? What gives?).

While I wish I could forget you, completely block you from memory, I probably won't. You were mostly bad, but not all bad. You allowed me to watch our sweet Olivia grow. You brought the Husband and I closer together in ways I hadn't anticipated. You allowed both old and new friendships to deepen and grow. For these things I am grateful.

But all the rest of that crap? You can have it back if you like. I could have done without it.

So farewell, you worthless 12 months of nothing good. I am better because of you, but that doesn't mean we can still be friends. Don't come back. You're no longer needed. I have a New Year coming soon, and 2011 holds promises you never could have.

Good Riddance,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The News

New home
New shoes
New oxygen tank
New resolve
New struggles
New strength
New ideas
New tricks
New words
New therapies
New strategies
New table
New perfume
New promises
New love
{Re}New{ed} faith