Thursday, October 29, 2009

2 Months

My goodness, we love her. Olivia is just such a unique little person. We absolutely adore her. Numerous times a day we find ourselves staring down at her, watching her, laughing at her, and just simply loving her. What was life like before her? We aren't really sure. But we are so in love with her we can't imagine ever not having her.

*Olivia has figured out that she can suck on her fingers, and this makes her one happy squeaker...however, once the fingers are in there she hasn't figured out that she has to KEEP them there to be happy.

*She is a bit of a licker. Hold her, she licks your shoulder. Give her a kiss, she licks you. Put a toy by her mouth, sure enough, she licks that, too. She sticks out her tongue in response to almost everything. Her little mouth is always going, going, going.

*She growls while she eats, prompting the hubby to say, "Stop yelling at your food!"

*Olivia does not so much like the tummy time. It is only bearable for her if she is laying on my tummy.

*She still squeaks. A lot.

*She rubs her eyes when she is tired, a gesture that melts this mama's heart, prompts me to drop everything and snuggle this sleepy baby.

*Liv still prefers to sleep in her car seat or swing. Occasionally, she enjoys the freedom of sprawling out, but generally prefers to be swaddled, snuggled, and cozy.

Being a parent rocks.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Utah Weekend

Last weekend Livi and I headed down to Utah. It was a welcome break from the ridiculousness that is Wyoming. (I do not love Wyoming.) It was so good to catch up with friends, spend time with the Sleeza's, Aunties and cousins, Grandma, and Uncpa.

Oh how I love these girls. Lindsey invited Hana and I over one night to catch up and meet each other's babies (or puppy in Lindsey's case). I finally got to meet Hana's darling hubby, Nic, and darling baby, Hendrix. Can I just say I could not be more impressed or happier for this cute family? They are amazing and they set the bar pretty high as to what we all should strive for. I adore Hana and she is such an amazing mother and such an inspiration. Love, love, love her.
I also got to meet Linds's little Lulu and her "friend," Robert. Again, could not be more impressed. Seriously. Linds is an incredible girl with incredible things going for her. I am so blessed to have these two as dear friends.

Aunt Michelle. Gosh we love her. She had us all over to bake cookies. Always a lot of laughter, always a good time.

Olivia was having some serious gas issues that weekend. Very serious. Case in point: The picture above. This is what you get when you catch Liv mid "foosy."

Olivia and Katie bonded over foot art. Batman, of course, for Grandpa Matt. Always, always missing him.

There was lots and lots of napping....

with Grandma....

with Auntie Haley.......

and Uncpa Dan.

We went to Benihana where Livi tasted her first....

piece of sushi! (Ok, maybe not. At least not yet anyway.)

We got in some bonding time with Auntie Sara, who Liv found totally hilarious. Liv snuggled right up to her and promptly fell asleep. I miss this girl. We laughed a lot. We laughed some more. Talked about our darling husbands. It's always a good day when I get to see Sara.

And she made friends with Ashley's daughter, Harper. I adore Ashley. I have relied on her advice more times than I can even count this last year. She has amazing wisdom and killer insight. She is open minded, kind, receptive, and completely grounded. I was in awe watching her with Harper. She has a gift when it comes to motherhood. To say she is an amazing mother does not do her justice. She has set a breathtaking example of what a mother should be and I hope to be able to follow her lead.

We love being amused by cousin Brian. He's a hoot and fairly harmless, despite what this picture implies.

She was pretty tuckered by the end of the week. So many snuggles, so many loves. We have such amazing people in our lives. I am so grateful to have so many people who love our little bean.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This is my squeaky baby.

No, she isn't fussy. Olivia has laryngomalacia and this is what it sounds like...when she is calm. She sounds like this (or worse). All. Day. Long. Even in her sleep. I tried to show how deeply her throat sinks in when she breathes, but couldn't quite get it.

I am often asked if she is sick or upset, she isn't. She isn't even much of a crier. Although, when she does cry, she turns a little blue because her little larynx keeps getting smaller and smaller. Small larynx=no breath. I think she realizes this and makes it a point to get her point across fast when she is upset and avoid a blue pallor.

The problem SHOULD go away somewhere between 18-24 months. I hope. Doesn't it wear you out just listening to her?

Even though I hate that she has breathing issues, they have become a source of comfort. So long as she is squeaking we know she is ok and she is happy.

And really, that is all that matters.

Friday, October 2, 2009

1 Month

Olivia is a month old.

She sneezes in 3's, just like her daddy.

She adores the bath.

She sqeaks. A lot.

And snorts a little, too.

She is indifferent about her binky.

She's been to 3 different states.

She's had a scope in her little nose.

She blows raspberries, constantly.

She sings right along with music.

(The Beatles and Ingrid Michaelson are favorites.)

She is fascinated by windows.

She loves her daddy.

She is amazing.

We can"t get enough.

We are smitten.