Saturday, June 27, 2009

some faces i'm missing....

lindsey: cause she is awesome. and i've known her, like, a bazillion years. and she is hysterical and honest. i can count on her for anything. and she is a bestie, a sister, and a kindred spirit.

nichelle: cause we may as well be related. she gets it. ALL of it. and i love her for that. and her heart is fantastically huge. and she says its "ok" when i'm being melodramatic. and i'm pretty sure she has super powers.

sara: cause she is solid and unwavering. we laugh at nothing and bond over documentaries. she is my little ball of sunshine. And she will listen to me...for hours. she is amazing.

steve: cause its hard not to love this mug. he is honest. he not only listens but he actually HEARS what you say. he is ridiculously hysterical. and he is just an all around good egg.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Exhausted and spent,
husband tiptoes in.
He covers his wife
with an extra blanket.
He cradles her sleeping head.
He cradles her swollen belly.
Husband holds his wife
and whispers,
"My whole world
is right here, in my arms.
My. Whole. World."

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Who goes camping at 6 and 1/2 months pregnant?

I do. And you know what? It was fun!

We packed up our camping gear (and by "we" I mean Brandon, I merely supervised) and headed for Yellowstone. B had a few days off and we wanted to make the most of them.

People have been so surprised that I dared venture out camping this far along, but really, it was no big deal. I slept better than I had in weeks (even though it snowed one night), we saw a gazillion animals (including a bear cub darting across the road in front of us), I got to be alone with the hubby, and be totally disconnected from everything else. Loved. It.

What didn't I love? Well...B had to literally push my keister up very mildly inclined, paved walkways, and I got to see a fully body shot of my prego self for the first time. Not. Amused. And the day we went to see Old Faithful was ridiculously overcast and rainy, making the steam and water coming out of the geyser blend in with the sky. We were less than impressed, but what can ya do?

But, like I said, I really enjoyed myself. No, really. I did!

Yeah, we were this close to a bison. Or is it a buffalo? Eh, who cares, we didn't get gored so its ok.

Love the scenery. The canyon is nice, too.

Brandon and me...looking hefty.

Mmm hmmm...Camping season is officially here.

Weeks 21-25

Movements steadily developing, stronger, much more fierce. Her lungs growing stronger, preparing to fill my days with cries and laughter. Her baby fat has begun to fill in, making her all the more ready for her Auntie's to "squish" her.

I'm steady and unsteady. Terrified and excited. So ready and so not.

B rubs my tummy, whispering so sweetly, "Olivia Jane." I choke back tears, he is already better at this than I am and I love him all the more for it. We pray for her, we love her...this sweet little spirit whom we don't even know yet. We are slowly changing from "couple" to "family," and it feels right.