Sunday, May 8, 2011

Olivia: 1. Eye Tumors: 0.

It was an early Happy Mother's Day for me.
Thursday was Olivia's first eye scan and it was 100% tumor free. Glory Hallelujah, I tell you! Not only were her eyes tumor free, but she can apparently see better than most children her age. So take that, 13 q deletion including the RB1 gene!

We are decidedly already smitten with Seattle Children's. There was a tremendous amount of peace and relief walking in those doors the first time. The anticipation of the first appointment melted into an enveloping warmth around the part of my soul that is motherhood (and that is quite a considerable part) and I exhaled for what felt like the first time in three weeks. Every single person you meet is so kind and so united in the singular purpose of helping you and your child get answers. This place will do good things for us.

While I was ecstatic that Olivia has been tumor free up to this point, a quite voice whispered, "This is not the end." I know this, I do. There will never really be an end to this, we knew that. This is just the beginning of many, many appointments, scans, consultations, meetings, and plans she will have. But I don't feel as though those were my own words or thoughts. It felt not so much like a warning, but a reminder of something I already know.

No matter. For now, until her next appointment, we are happy and content with the news. It truly is good, good news and that is where I need to focus.