Tuesday, June 1, 2010

9 Months

Her Face=Heaven
* 20 lbs 7 oz (77th percentile), 28 inches (64th percentile)
* Ear infections: 5. Antibiotics: 5. Drug Allergies: 2.
* Around familiar company, she is quite a chatterbox. Dada being her favorite word, followed by ba ba, ta ta, ssss, several indistinguishable sounds, mama when she's mad, and consisting hissing. Yes, hissing.
* She twirls her hair with her finger when she is having a bottle or is tired.
* She doesn't crawl, but she scoots on her back quickly, directly, and with determination and purpose. I think it totally counts as being solidly mobile.
* Her favorite game goes like this: She makes a high pitched squeak, then you make the high pitched squeak. You volley the sound back and forth until eventually you are both making the squeak at the same time, until she decides to stop and you continue squeaking. In which case you have become the obvious loser.
* She still isn't much of a crier, but when she does it is often with her mouth closed. I know. Weird.
* She still eats everything, unless its actual food.
* She is so happy, its infectious.
We could not possibly love this little one more.