Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Like This Place

Gosh, my blog is boring lately.

I keep thinking I have nothing to say. All my creative efforts are being focused on much more lofty projects but I suppose I have a little bit to say, an update if nothing else....that only about six people will read...

Firstly...I HEART Colorado. Its so gorgeous here, and so laid back. I was so used to rushing around Salt Lake, feeling utterly frantic all the time, that it took me a good four weeks to realize that here I was the only one doing any rushing and I looked ridiculous. (Looking ridiculous might have more to do with me just being me rather than my rushing but I digress.) The scenery is gorgeous, the people are so nice here, I mean really, really, down to earth nice people. Everyone I meet at church, the gym, the grocery store, the library, is so friendly. I may never leave. PLUS, the get, like, no snow here.

The downers of Colorado right now? Mmm, the last time I got a pay check was the first of August, so I haven't made it back to Utah, or really anywhere beyond a seven mile radius in the last two months. However, I did get a job about three weeks ago, working as a an assistant teacher/secretary at the Detention School here. And yes, by detention I mean jail. I teach remedial math to murders. Seriously. This has been, so far, an incredibly eye opening experience, but not in the ways I'd expected. I'm learning a lot.

Also, Brandon is still in Wyoming. Still....BUT that could change soon. Let's just say I'm thankful for environment friendly laws/companies/weirdos. They are giving me a lot to look foreward to. I'm so anxious for this boy. So proud of him. So love him.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Two of my very favorite people, Grandpa Havolyn and Aunt Leslie, are going through the hells of cancer right now I've been think a lot about them today and wanted to express my love for them. My heart is feeling a little tender and a little heavy and I want to share.
(Haley wrote the post about my Grandpa Havolyn. She says it better than I can)

The Mean Aunt

This is my "Mean Aunt."

My Mean Aunt is so strong. There is nothing she hasn't done, can't do, fix, wallpaper, remedy, find, mend, or heal. She does everything

My Mean Aunt loves so much. She is so selfless, caring, tender, nurturing, and kind. A living Band-aid, but the permanent, water-proof kind.

My Mean Aunt is brave. She does all the scary stuff that no one else knows how to deal with. She fights for the good, the poor, the beaten, the hopeless, the abused.

My Mean Aunt saves lives. Twelve years ago, she saved the life of my dad, literally. She has saved the lives of her sisters, her children, her parents, her nieces, and countless strangers who have had no one else to lean on. She saves, everyday.

My Mean Aunt really isn't so mean.

She is Amazing.

My Mean Aunt has cancer. But I know because of all her Mean Aunt qualities, she will beat this. She comes from a long line of unbelievably strong women, and has been followed by many other women no less strong and amazing. She doesn't have it in her to not beat it.


Man of Few Words

He is the most loving, patient, hard-working, tough, quiet, happy, simple, observant, and special man I have ever know. His hands are calloused and his hair is rough. His eyes twinkle, and his voice is soft. He loves to travel and see the world. He loves history and building tractors. He takes great pride in his garden. You never know exactly what he is thinking but if you ask and listen carefully he will tell you. He is never the first to speak up but his words are wise. He his a tough guy with a tender heart. When I sit next to him he will slowly reach over and hold my hand. We just sit there watching everything go on around us and when I look over at him he is smiling. This is how I know he loves me. At the end of a visit as I get ready to leave I give him a hug and he wraps his arms around me and then leans back and says softly and quickly "Now hurry back. Don't let it be so long before we see you again. I love you." I smile big and say "I love you to Gramps. I will be back soon."
Grandpa Havolyn went and had to get more tests done. They are still waiting for the results. Waiting is never easy, especially when the results may be something you don't want to hear.
But whatever they are He is a fighter, I know he will take on whatever battle comes next.
I am so grateful for this man of few words and the great lessons he has taught me and for the love he shows me. I am grateful when I am told that I am the"quiet observer" I like to think I get it from you. I love you Gramps and can't wait to see you soon.

(Written by Haley)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is what my husband does....

Here is a nice little blurb from Colorado news. I never know exactly how to describe what it is that he does. These guys say it much better than I can.