Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not Walking So Well

I am sort of failing miserably at this whole blogging thing. Probably because I am focusing all my creative energy into my creative writing and analytical literature classes. So then when it comes to writing for me, I don't really know what to write anymore. There are just no more words. Everything I write anymore is heavy, dark, and graphic. I am a happy girl, my writings are dark so I think I am just getting confused creative energy. I need to focus this energy somewhere else because its starting to become a health risk. A few weeks ago, I feel down a flight of stairs, I have bruises on my hips from running into the corners of the counters, and today I just tripped over the sidewalk (yes, just the sidewalk) and the momentum from my book bag just knocked me flat on my side. About four people stopped and asked if I was ok...."Yeah, just fine," as I mumbled as I limped away. I think Brandon is starting to worry that he married a broken distracted klutz. I am my own health risk. *shrug*