Wednesday, May 7, 2008

10 Loves

1. My amazingly wonderful, brilliant, supportive family. I don't know how many times I can say it. Immediate, extended, in-laws, adopted or otherwise acquired members, they are amazing. We love them so much.
2. Tithing. I am insanely grateful that we pay it faithfully. It makes all the difference.
3. Pre-made meals by Granny Kaye and JaLee. They sure help this kitchen-challenged wife a whole lot.
4. Game night with friends and people who love cards as much as we do!
5. Nighttime walks with Brandon. Its such good bonding time with the hubby.
6. Other peoples blogs. I am so hooked.
7. When people remember to put a capital C when spelling my last name.
8. Oprah. Could I be any more cliche or any more of a girl? I am particularly loving the Dr. Oz shows. They freak me out and amaze me and gross me out all at once.
9. Our Florida trip! Ok, so technically we don't leave for another 18 hours, but we are so excited about and have SO been looking forward to it!
10. Sore muscles. Proof to myself that I am working as hard as I think I am.


Pila & Jamie said...

I agree with alot on this list, especially #10, if I don't have sore muscles the day after I work out I feel like it was all a waste!! Have fun on your trip!!

Just Us said...

I don't know about my name being included in the pre-made meals. I'm pretty sure I just stand and watch and be thankful for them.

The Hyde's said...

So I thought I was the only person in the world who liked sore muscles!!! Love to be sore! That means I'm actually doing some good! Don't like crawling up the stairs soreness though.