Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Confessions #5

**I just spent the last hour dancing...to Rhianna (!) I know....six feet of white girl dancing to Rhianna. I sure had a fun, but I am super glad no one else was around to witness, especially B. This wasn't a sexy endeavor.

**It still really, really, really bugs me that people don't capitalize the C in DeCoria. Oh man, it really irriates me. B tells me I should let this go, he got over that a long time ago. I maintain that since I am still a "new" DeCoria I reserve the right to be irritated.

**I like coming up with baby names even with no baby on the way.

**I google all my professors. I like to know what kind of weirdos they really are.

**The color red stresses me out.

**There is a song called "I'll Build You a Rainbow" that plays on Sunday's in Utah. It's one of those speech-sing story songs. I swear...this song makes me want to spit nails. It has the same effect as the "Go, My Son" song that the Native American dorm students used to dance to in our high school assemblies. Bleck. Throw it out.

**My closet is color-coded.

**I am way more OCD than I'd like to admit. (Perhaps the closet admission cracked open the door a little bit....)


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Aha my closet is also colour-coded!

Just Us said...

JaLee now = Jalee...over it.

You'll get there.

It's not worth the effort to stress about let alone correct.

Ha! Go my son...I had forgotten but now I won't be able to forget. Thanks A LOT!

Lindsey said...

Seriously...Go my son! That is hilarious! Love the old reference, although I would have been just fine keeping that hidden in my memory!

Taunya said...

DeCoria is my middle name now and it STILL bugs me when people don't capitalize the C. It looks so much cooler with that big C and in my opinion it just isn't spelled right if it looks like Decoria (that is just plain wrong). I just tell people how to spell it (saying "Capital C") and if they still can't get it right I chalk it up to stupidity. :)

Meagan DeLange said...

Hi Julie! I hope you are doing well in your new home. That would be a tough change, but I'm sure it's for the best! I just wanted you to know that I too color-coordinate my closet, and it bothers me when people don't capitalize the 'L' in DeLange as well : ). Anyway, take care Julie! Talk to you soon.

Rachel said...

Don't give up on the capital "C". I'm with Taunya. It's my middle name and also think it looks like a completely different word without it capitalized. You are so cute and I love reading your entertaining blog!

Jodi said...

With you on the color-coding and the capital C. I miss you! Your confessions make me wish you were here.