Friday, February 25, 2011

The Husband

This is The Husband, of course. And basically, I adore him. I mean, how could I not? The man knows and loves every little bit of me, and I sort of think he deserves some kind of award for that, you know? Cause I can be difficult and the tiniest bit melodramatic at times, even when I don't mean to be and think my reaction is totally validated when it's so not.

We laugh a lot, he and I. The way we talk to each other sometimes is vomit inducing. We can push one another's buttons easily, and we get over it even more easily. He doesn't dwell on things, and that may just be one of my favorite attributes about him. I dwell enough for the both of us and then some, he tends to balance me out when I am too much of something. And thank goodness for that. I mean, seriously. He is the calm to my crazy.

He is my best friend. I cannot imagine life with out him. He is the love of my life.


~Melissa~ said...

LOVE!!! Do you think i could borrow this post? This is so what my husband needs to hear and for some reason in all my insanity there is a dissconect between my mouth and brain... :-)


This is great, you two a such a great couple... He so looks like Prince William and you, well haven't quite figured out who you look like, you're just beautiful. I mean, very beautiful.

Great post.

Rachel said...

What a handsome perfect husband you have! Isn't marriage the most beautiful gift ever?

Faked said...