Thursday, January 24, 2008

10 Loves

This weeks 10 loves....

1. Finding old friends here, seeing the darling families, and catching up.
2. My job. I am so, so blessed to have this job. I love the kids, I love my boss, she is the epitomy of generosity and kindness.
3. The gym. Running miles and climbing steps to nowhere really gives me a sense of accomplishment.
4. Date night with Bubbs.
5. Curling up on the couch with my hubby and watching a movie.
6. Phone calls with JaLee...I am soo glad we can relate on so many things. Just love her.
7. Blogging. I am sort of figuring this out. Its quite the nice little outlet for writing other than just long winded papers on Virginia Woolf. I have post twice today!
8. Nordstrom Rack.
9. Warm baths and a good book. Our apartment is so frigid that a hot bath is bliss, even if it is short lived.
10. Good health....This is Brandon's love this week...I'd have to agree.


Just Us said...

Sorry about that phone call. I had a great intent to call back and then life just kept happening!

Brandon and Julie said...

I know, I figured as much. No worries. I enjoyed the chat!

Kandace & Derek said...

Hey Jules I love to read your pics of week. It sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. I am so happy for you! We are living in las vegas now. We like it a lot, it is not what you would think. Where are you guys living? Well baby crying gotta go!