Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Somewhere That's Green

I am literally aching for warmth and sunshine. This winter is taking one serious toll on me. I'm not sure if its the severe cold, the seemingly endless amounts of snow, my frigid apartment that everyone hates (because of the frigidness, I am beginning to hate it, too). The massive icicles fall of the side of our apartment and startle me awake at night, interrupting precious sleep. Pushing my way through the snow under nine layers of clothes and sliding around in my winter-dirty car all over the road is so beyond my level of tolerance. I think I came to realize this today, as I slipped and fell on the ice just outside the Marriott Library. I have to sigh at the thought that spring won't be noticeably here for four or five months. This makes me want to cry.
I need light.
I need warmth.
I need sunshine.
I need somewhere thats green.