Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sometimes life is funny. Sometimes it hands you a cookie. Sometimes it humbles you.

Ahh...the increasingly lovely perks of my job. My boss gave us incredible tickets to see Billy Joel when he came to salt lake. Honestly, what can I say about the man that hasn't already been said? Incredbile.
Love it.

Brandon got in fender bender a few weeks before Christmas. The first accident he'd ever been in. Some damage was done, but nothing he and his pops couldn't fix.

Two weeks later.....He was in another accident. This time, the car was totaled, the front end completely smashed up. Needless to say, we were both more than a little bummed.

After studying and cramming and writing for finals B and I decided to take a little Merry Christmas trip (for ourselves) to go see Haley in LA and for a party for Aunt Joan. We spent a couple of days at Universal Studios and had so much fun. Haley officially dubbed Brandon "Brother Husband." We had such a good time.

(oh man, I couldn't flip it!)

B doing voice overs for Tinkerbell and King Kong. He made for a very manly fairy.

This is about as sexy it gets....

Right now we are getting ready to move to a much cheaper, albeit older, apartment downtown. With school starting and work and all this stinking snow its going to be long week...which I am only further putting off by writing this. So, perhaps I better stop as boxes and the Turn of the Screw awaits me.


Just Us said...

I am so happy you posted! I love to read it. I feel like I live at least a million miles away from you. I haven't seen you forever!

Let me know where you live now, hopefully I will be better at visiting!

Love Ya!

Julie said...

I am still trying to figure out the kinks and hopefully post more often. I am living downtown now (as of like last weekend) I need to come for a visit too!