Friday, April 25, 2008


Since winter in Utah has lasted something like 8 months, Brandon called me from work one day a few weeks ago and told he was just tired of it and that we were going on a quick little trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We were kind of concerned about the tone being set for the trip while we were getting ready to leave. We were already on the plane, getting ready for takeoff, when they sent us back to the gate for "mechanical malfunction." )Me and my "magical thinking" issues were going into overdrive) This happened three times and over an hour later we were finally in the air.

When we got to Mexico, the airplane misfortune was made up to us. Brandon had booked us a hotel room, not really knowing anything about it other than it was a great deal. When we got there, not only was it AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL, but the upgraded us to the Honeymoon sweet, including a tub on the balcony, for free.

Everything else aside, basically, we spent the next 24 hours lying in gorgeous cabanas on the beach. It was lovely....

(I'm too tired to put these in any sort of order or even explain them)

(I thought the statues with the big behinds were hysterical)


BritGal' Sarah said...

It looks wonderful there, I miss the sea :-(