Friday, April 25, 2008

Mt. Rushmore

Ok, so this might not be a very comprehensive post. My brain is fried from finals and all of my creative energy right now is completely spent.... but anyway....

In March (I think?) me, Brandon, and his parents left a freezing Utah to go to an even more freezing South Dakota. (Seriously, it was so cold our car doors were frozen shut.) Basically, we went just to see Mt. Rushmore, which actually turned out far more interesting than I would have thought. I had no idea the entire thing was "carved" with dynamite. Seems awfully risky, but what do I know?

Poor George...they left a drill bit in his left eye. (It's the black thing in his eye socket.)

Now, just as a warning to all those who plan on visiting South Dakota.....the food, sucks. It kind of made me want to barf. I'm not one to complain about this kind of thing, really...but this was just bad stuff. So if you are planning a trip, pack your own food.

For all you cinema-lovers, remember in National Treasure 2 they found the treasure underneath a lake on top of (or just behind?) Mt. Rushmore? Yeah, its crap. This snowy rock mass thing is actually that lake, its called Silver Lake, and in reality it is actually 12 miles away. Darn Hollywood, always falsifying this kind of stuff. was fun and interesting, and another place I can say I have been.