Tuesday, April 29, 2008


For the last two years or so my amazingly wonderful friends Sara, Steve, and myself have thrown "How to Host a Murder" dinners. I highly recommend them as they are insanely fun and you get to dress up in very unflattering costumes and throw your virtues out the window for a night! Ok, so maybe we aren't exactly giving them the heave-ho...but anyway...

Our most recent scandal took place a few weeks ago in the thug infested streets of 1920's Chicago and was aptly named "The Chicago Caper." We all had fabulous mob-like names and if you say them quickly, ala Mad Gab, you might get the joke.

From left to right....
Me- Anna Maria Carlotta Sasine (Torchy), Brandon- Ernie "Bet a Million" G. Ambler, Greg- S. Treighton Harrow, Lindsey "Silky" M. Adam, Kimball- Billy "the Kid" Thrower, Sara- Molly M. Awbster, Kristin- Malissa F. Orrthot "Scoops," Steve- Eddie "Socks" R. Gyle.

*Note: I am doing my best Paris Hilton pose here, and also the tallest to shortest height thing is hysterical and so not planned, anyway, I digress.

While these two make quite an attractive couple, Billy is actually a drunken child hater and Molly is one dirty, liquor transporting, girl.

Scoops is playing both sides in an attempt to further her career and Socks there is just far too concerned with apparel.

S. Treighton Harrow claims to be the single pillar of virtue but so far from it and Silky...well, basically she runs a brothel.
(I love a good mock engagement picture, and I think this one takes the cake)

Torchy is a tortured torch singer with a killer past and Ernie has a bad habit of lighting his cigars with 100 dollar bills.

The most obnoxious size of rings ever, but we love them anyway. We can't help it.

After a lot of laughter, shouting, widespread inability to speak English, good food, name calling, and general disregard for the law we find that it is in fact Silky M. Adam, aka Lindsey, who "offed Mr. Hal Cappone."
Such a shame. I never knew she had it in her.


Lauren said...

Julie this looks like so much fun! I would love to know how you plan on it all, and how it all works out. Looks like a blast!

Taunya said...

So fun! I totally forgot about those games. I played them a lot in college and I actually have one that we have not played yet. I will have to pull it out one of these days and plan a party!

Linds said...

you shouldn't underestimate me! I have always had that murderous brothel owner somewhere in me...deep down in there! ha ha