Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm feeling spring fever in the worst ways.

It has been deliriously gorgeous here, in the 70's. I took myself on a long walk yesterday and had to fight the urge to to take off gallivanting through the park, as I decided that being with child gallivanting is not so much a good idea.

I'm just itching to do some spring cleaning. I want de-clutter my drawers and empty my closets, organize my linens and scour the toilet bowl, I want to launder, fold and iron, make all my towels smell downy fresh, I want to Febreeze to my hearts content and be overcome by the power of Pinesol, I want to dust and shine and polish, I want to clean chair rail molding and crevices with a toothbrush...and after my walk I had very good intentions to do just that.

But then I sat down to recover from my near gallivanting...and never got back up. After my near gallivanting I couldn't quite muster the strength to even take off my shoes.


I guess there is always tomorrow. Or the day after. And next week.


mom said...

Did I tell you how much I love your blog? Yes, I think that I am your number one fan, but not just because I am your mama! You make me smile, you make me laugh!!!