Thursday, February 7, 2008

10 Loves

1. Brandon. He makes me laugh and laugh. The last little while has been a bit hard with the weather and a dozen or so bouts of bad luck. I just adore him.
2. Sally Hansen Nail Pens. They are the neatest things, they dry fast and look good!
3. Compassion. Those who have it. Those who are finding it. Those who are learning learning it by the trials they endure. It is beautiful thing.
4. Locksmiths.
5. Sisters. They are good for a laugh, venting, a bit of gossip, or a cupcake. You just gotta love'em.
6. The one single day of Sunshine on Tuesday. It was bitter, bitter cold....but it was sunshine.
7. A strong hubby. I think every girl should have one. He got my car unstuck. It was really, really stuck. Pfft.
8. Audio books. I have really gotten hooked on these.
9. Movies, movies, movies.
10.Sleep aids...I might not sleep without them.


Haley said...

Hi sister! I love sisters too! I am slowly catching on to this blog thing but its kind of scary!