Tuesday, February 19, 2008


**I prefer writing with pen and paper as opposed to typing on the computer. When I use a pen I feel like I am actually creating, not just "inputing information."
**I am over the literature part of my major. I no longer wish to analyze and make arguments about what someone else has written. I want people to analyze and argue about what I have written, like they did last semester.
**I've been having nightmares every night for the last two weeks.
**Children's Literature is making me question the whimsy of my childhood.
**I like waking up early and the freedom that gives me for the day....However, this does not actually drag me out of bed at the crack of dawn when I know I don't have to be up for anything all day.
**I think Emily Dickinson got a bad reputation.
**I am reading Peter Pan and Kensington Gardens
and I have actually been to Kensington Gardens. It is one of the most charming places I have ever been.
**Vanity Fair is a brilliant beyond brilliant magazine.
**Other married couples our age, that we know, sort of wear me out.
**My shoe closet is a mess right now. Normally this would bother me, but I have only worn two pairs of shoes the entire winter....Uggs and Nike gym shoes...Boring, boring.
**I weight 5.3 pounds more at the gym than I do on ANY other scale....I think this a conspiracy.

Come on now...lets hear your confessions...


kate said...

i am a little unsure of what some of these confessions mean. you have some splaining to do.

Brandon and Julie said...

Like which ones? They are pretty self explanitory.

Linds said...

lol, that is hilarious - Gold's is definitely in a conspiracy...which could be a good excuse for me to use since I never go! I'm not supporting that! jk

Jenny said...

Um, I spent the last two hours at work reading blogs...I wish I loved my job as much as your do yours :) Lovely writing Julie and my next purchase is a pair of uggs, I've held out for so long, but now I am sold.

TheBastians said...

your gym conspiracy theory rocks!