Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lost...Not All of Them Bad

I lost a set of keys to a car that doesn't even belong to the person who let me borrow it. I lost my coat. I lost Brandon's coat, too. I lost the book that I have to have read and a paper written by Thursday somewhere between laundry and snow. I lost some weight lately. I've lost my ability to breathe in the cold, cold air. I lost the tab key on my computer. I lost interest in a handsome vampire. I lost my fear of Virginia Woolf. I lost my loneliness almost a year ago. I lost some hair in the shower this morning. I lost my paper on the the sexuality of Little Red Riding Hood half way through writing it. I lost my desire to live in cold states. I lost my dislike of the summer. I lost a lot of sleep last week. I lost the need to be alone all the time.


Kandace & Derek said...

hey no problem julie we think our next trip will be in hawaii. we will give you a call!

kyra said...

I lost my big boobs this month :) (stopped nursing)

Just Us said...

I lost a lot of tears... thanks for your sweet comment.. Love you too!