Thursday, February 14, 2008

10 Loves

1. Brandon goes out and shovels the steps and sidewalks outside our apartment every time it snows...just because. He's such a good guy.
2. Massages.....ahhhh.
3. Spy and Espionage movies.
4. Watching the Roethel kids, they are so darling...even if Dalton did tell me my house "doesn't look to good on the outside, but its better on the inside."
5. The jewelry at
6. De-cluttering our apartment. I do this often, it feels great.
7. The power of prayer.
8. My job. I just LOVE my job. The worst day at my job is far better than most peoples good days at their jobs.
9. Weekend trips to "the sticks" to see the fam.
10. They safety I enjoy every single day and my protective husband.


Just Us said...

Let's hear it for the sticks!! YEAH!!