Thursday, March 6, 2008

10 Loves

1. Cousins!
2. Cousins that teach me how to knit! Thank you JaLee and Jess. You will both be hearing from me/knitting with me a lot in the very near future.
3. Knitting!
4. Late night talks with Mom.
5. Gorgeous quilts made by Katie and Aunt Michelle.
6. Random weekend trips with my favorite guy. Last week, San Francisco. This week, Mt. Rushmore!
7. The ability to wear my converse shoes again, thanks to NO MORE SNOW! Looking forward to cute flats and high heels!
8. Brandon calling me, with that sweet tone in his voice, wanting me to come home.
9. Going to the movies with Sara. Even if it did totally horrify us.
10. My sisters.


Just Us said...

how is the knitting coming along?