Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Class that Runied My Childhood

I signed up for Children's Lit mostly because I got to read Grimm's Fairy Tales AND Harry Potter. This excited me. A syllabus I actually liked? But then I went to class. The teacher hates me and, well, as it turns out...

Little Red Riding Hood is a prostitute.
Cinderella married an idiot.
Germans scare their children into behaving....behave or be beheaded.
Alice In Wonderland may have been on drugs.
Peter Pan is incredibly annoying and is Wendy.
Apparently, humans evolved from birds....what?
Disney will destroy our children.
Disney princesses have sexuality oozing out their eyeballs, literally.
Beauty and the Beast encourages women to stay in abusive relationships.
Racism has been subtly placed in nearly every childhood story I love.

And we are only halfway through the semester.
Everything I loved about my childhood, the stories, the magic, the dress-ups, the make-believe, the seems so tainted now. I realize how dramatic this all sounds, but during our last class, one girl sat with her head in her heads in tears because of all this nonsense. Seriously. We all filed out of class in silence completely overwhelmed with this information. I feel so defeated. This professor has killed the magic in any children's book I may ever read, all with her sarcastic, pessimistic, eye-rolling, and overkill lectures.

Its no wonder I can't sleep.


Haley said...

You know what they say "when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is"...

Launi said...

i'm sorry you have to go through that, julie! it sounds like it would make me cry, too!

Cristi said...

Oh man! Down with that professor! Down with everyone who kills the magic of childhood and wonder!

Mary Beck said...

I should NOT have just read that post.. I am a true and blue fairy tale believer.. I'm just going to try and block out everything you just said..:)

Lindsey said...

This is seriously depressing! It amazes me that there is an actual college class that is devoted to crushing your childhood memories! Sorry babe