Friday, March 14, 2008

10 Loves

1. Endless amounts of love support from those I know and those I have never even met.
2. Spring Break!
3. Ambien....does that make me sound like an addict?
4. Rental movies on iTunes.
5. A supportive husband, the big things, the little things, he makes me fall in love with him a little more each day.
6. Cinema cardio at the gym. I can run in the dark without anyone seeing my wobbly bits.
7. I can see buds on the trees. I can just taste the spring.
8. Re-developing a crush on a certain vampire I'd forgotten about....
9. Barnes & Nobel. Didn't love working there, sure do love shopping there.
10. Take home exam's!


Linds said...

hee hee...wobbly bits! Love it

TheBastians said...

I just love you to pieces!

Just Us said...

Me and Mark were both laughing out loud at your wobbly bits....I think mine are bigger than bits..

BritGal' Sarah said...

LOL at wobbly the new look too Julie