Sunday, March 16, 2008

Confessions #2

** As of late, I have had this bizarre obsession with Coke flavored Slurpee's. I really don't know why.
** Sometimes I secretly want to just give up on these shenanigans we call "college" and become a professional chocolatier, even though I have no business whatsoever being in a kitchen, period.
** I prefer my workout clothes to my regular clothes, except maybe skirts. But if I could work out in skirts and not have to play tennis, I would do that, too.
** I love cleaning late at night. I think I get this from my mother. Brandon thinks I am nuts for this. Can't say I blame him.
** Sometimes I miss wearing glasses.
** People dressed up as "characters" (you know, like at Disneyland?) make me really really uncomfortable, especially when they don't talk.
** I am mildly obsessed with Febreze products. (And by mild, I mean very.)
** Sometimes I wish I had the guts to go Marilyn Monroe would look terrible, thats why I won't ever do it.
** I did my spring cleaning yesterday. I spent four and half hours cleaning our 600 square foot apartment, which is always pretty clean anyway, got rid of five garbage bags full of stuff, dusted, polished, and scrubbed, and today I still feel like I need to bust out the Ajax and start all over.
** On account of my hard work yesterday,I have spent nearly all of today knitting and watching HBO. I should probably feel guilty, but I really don't.

(No better day like a Sunday for confessions, eh?


bd said...

I LUV coke flavored slurpee's! They are my favorite flava! Yum, Yum!

Girl, you're hilarious!
Oh and PS, the 4th is still gonna have to be the date for the craft exchange. I don't know what we can do to help. Everyone is booked every other weekend date in April. Of course, I am exempt from this because I'm completely open. This could be a bad thing...hmmm, no plans. huh? oh well, gotta love freedom!!!!

Taunya said...

I know! Those dressed up characters are a little freaky! We took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday and even though I actually saw the person put her Easter Bunny Costume on, it still freaked me out that the dang bunny wouldn't talk! I always empathize with kids when they are scared of those things.

TheBastians said...

Ha ha! Dressed up characters! No kidding! :) I love your "and by mild, I mean very." :) You're too cute, Julie!

Just Us said...

wait till you see the easter bunny that we saw yesterday....